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Bespoke Colour

Nov 1st Update:

Early booking is closed, thank you for your enthusiastic feedback to the Bespoke Colour project!

Starting from today, we are contacting the first subscribers to start the personalization process.

Since the number of requests greatly overcome the available items, we apologize in advance if you can't get one, but we really hope you can be part of this pioneering project!

if you've already reserved your spot, you will be contacted soon by our Personal Colour Assistant. Due to the artisanal nature of the project, we are able to process no more that 20-30 requests per day, so it may take few days before you will be contacted, depending on your position in the queue.

If you didn't reserve your spot yet, drop your email here and you'll be contacted as soon as the next drop is launched.


Please notify me the next Bespoke Colour drop

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