The Tinto Terra Series

The Tinto Terra Series

The earth and soil upon which we all stand are a primal part of human nature and also the key inspiration for a legendary dyeing procedure introduced by C.P. Company in the early 2000s the “Tinto terra” process.


The “Tinto Terra” took natural pigments from soil and earth as it’s colour palette, developing them into an iridescent effect alongside a raw and natural ageing treatment.

The first earth-inspired pigments used were Nero Germanico (Goethite), Sienna, Verde Veronese (Viridian), and Rosso Pompei (Pompeian red).


The result was to create a one-of-a-kind item, due to the depth and natural shading created by this technique, with each garment becoming deeply imbued with the warmth and primal integrity of the earth.

Thanks to the “Tinto Terra” dyeing process C.P. Company added another chapter in their history as one of the most innovative sportswear brand ever.


Images credits: courtesy of Luca Masarà


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