Privacy Policy


This Policy describes which of your personal data are collected by TRISTATE INTERNATIONAL SA (referred to in this notice as “we”), for which purposes and how they are processed.Below you will also find the necessary information to enforce your rights provided for by GDPR.

Generally, we collect your personal data when you create an account on our online store, (hereinafter “Store”), when you purchase the customizable products available for the sale on the Store, when you email or call us for assistance. We hereby inform you that the personal data collected during such procedures will be processed in order to reply to your requests, to allow you to benefit from the services offered on the Store through reserved areas (for instance to process your orders and carry out the related activities, including those required to fulfil tax and administrative obligations, and, whenever requested by you, to send newsletters and information material) as well as to provide better services, marketing and support services for you and for the other customers, as specified below.

  1. Who processes your data: Data Controller

Tristate International SA, Riva Albertolli 1, Lugano, CHE 147076577 is the Data controller of the processing of your personal data.

  1. Which data we use - Type of processed data

Your contact and account data.We will retain the contact details you provide us (for instance, your first name, surname, address, telephone number, email, country of residence) when you first create an account on our Store, when you purchase a product and/or when you take part in our competitions or promotions.

Your payment and invoicing data. We will retain the payment and invoicing data that you provide us (for instance, your credit card number, post code and address) when you purchase a product, in order to process your order and ship the products. At your request, we can also retain the payment and invoicing details in order to facilitate future purchases.

Website use data.Your use of our website implies the processing of the browsing data and the device that you are using and your IP address (this is the number that identifies a specific device connected to the internet and is required in order for your device to communicate with the websites). We may analyse the site you came from, what you did and what you did not do on our website.

  1. Where do we get your data - Data collection methods:

Directly from you. For instance, if you register to make a purchase on the Store, if you create an account, if you take part in a competition, if you ask us a question or contact our call centres.

If you do not provide us with your data, you will not be able to register with our Store and you will therefore not be able to purchase any of the products up for sale.

Through the use of the Store’s functionalities. We use cookies and other technology, such as pixel tags on our websites and emails in order to collect data concerning your behavioural information and to improve promotion targeting. To find out more, please read out our Cookie Policy.

  1. Why and for how long we process your data- Purpose and legal basis for data processing; data retention period

To provide you with the products and services you purchased and to give you information about your orders and payments. For instance, we will use your data to process your order, to confirm your purchase and to manage any related services such as the shipping of your purchased products. Without your data, we cannot manage and process your order.

The legal basis of this processing is the performance of the purchase agreement, of which you are a party from the moment you accept the Store’s terms and conditions of sale.

The data retention period is equal to the period required to process the order; should you have created an account with the Store, the period shall be 24 months from the collection of the data.

To provide you with the necessary after-sales support in compliance with applicable legislation relating to the product liability. For instance, we will use your data to provide you with support, to manage the return and/or repair of products that you purchased from our Store in accordance with applicable law and the Store’s terms and conditions of sale.

The legal basis of this processing is the compliance with legal obligations and the data retention period is equal to that required by law (specifically by the Italian Consumer Code).

To correctly manage your administrative status.We process your data for accounting, administrative and tax purposes, directly connected to the Data Controller’s business activities as required by the applicable legislation.

The legal basis of this processing is the compliance with the legal obligations and the retention period is equal to that required by law (specifically tax, anti-money laundering, banking and public security laws).

To let you to interact with customer care operators. We may use your email and phone number, as well as your name and/or address to assist you in the event you require support using the products purchased from the Store.

The legal basis of this processing is the performance of the sale and purchase agreement that you executed with Tristate when you accepted the Store’s terms and conditions of sale and the compliance with the  legal obligations in terms of warranties and customer care.

To monitor and improve our products and the Store.With your consent, we analyse the data concerning your use, preferences and consumption of our products in order to improve our approach towards you and our customers in general, through automated processings, including profiling. We do this in order to make better decisions related to services, advertising, products and content, based on greater awareness of how our customers use our services and to ensure you a more customized user experience. For such pupose, we may also collect your mobile device’s ID for advertising (IDFA - Identifier for Advertising - for iOS devices and AAID - Google Advertising ID - for Android devices) so that we can always provide you with targeted, relevant adverts based on your preferences and interests.

The legal basis of this processing is your explicit consent.

The retention period of your data is 12 months from the collection of your data.

To prevent or assess unlawful conducts, to protect and enforce our rights. For instance, we may use your data to prevent or prosecute the breach of our intellectual property rights (for example, counterfeiting of our brands and/or of our partners' brands) or theft (including credit card cloning and theft that we may believe occurred during a competition, contest or event) or other offences, as allowed by applicable law

The legal basis of this processing is the legitimate interest of the Data Controllers.

The retention period of your data is equal to the time that is reasonably necessary to enforce our rights from the moment we became aware of the offence or of its potential commission.

For marketing purposes. With your prior consent, you may be contacted by email, text message, telephone or by other means with information or offers concerning forthcoming events, products or services (including the newsletter).

The legal basis of this processing is your explicit consent.

The retention period of your data is 12 months from the collection of your data.

Other purposes permitted by law. In certain circumstances, we may process your data if Tristate International SA has a legitimate interest, in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1 (f) of the GDPR.

For the above-mentioned purposes, personal data are processed using manual, digital and online tools with a software that is closely connected to the said purposes and, in any case, such data are processed so as to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the said data in accordance with the applicable legislation.

  1. Cookies and similar technology

What are cookies.Cookies are small text files that from the websites visited by users send to their terminals, where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same websites during subsequent visits.

Cookies used by the Store and their purpose. The site uses cookies, which have the functionality of enabling the proper functioning of some sections, for example to access to the reserved area of the Store (“technical cookies”), to ensure some customization functionalities (“functional cookies”), to improve the browsing experience (“analytical cookies”) and to help us providing you with customiszed offers of products you might like (“profiling cookies”).

The first time that you visit the website, you will be asked to accept (or not accept) the cookies through a banner. You may refuse to accept all or some of the cookies, or you may modify your computer settings, also in the future, in order to know when you receive cookies or to disable the function of automatic acceptance of the cookies.

The Store uses the following types of cookies:

  • Technical (or browsing) cookies, which contribute to the functioning of the Store’s site, for instance to enable the browse between pages and access to the reserved area of the site; the legal basis for processing using these cookies is the Data Controller’s legitimate interest in providing efficient and well-functioning services to their customers; the retention period of these cookies starts from the date on which the site was first accessed until they are disabled.
  • Functional cookies, which allow to activate certain features of the Store and to store your preferences (such as language) in order to improve your browsing experience; the legal basis of the processing underlying the use of these cookies is the Data Controllers' interest in providing efficient, well-functioning services to their customers; the retention period of these cookies starts from the date on which they are enabled on the site until they are disabled. The user can accept and disable these cookies – at their convenience – using the cookie management tool.
  • Analytical cookies, which enable the acquisition of aggregated, anonymous statistical information concerning browsing habits; the legal basis of the processing underlying the use of these cookies is the Data Controllers' interest in providing efficient, well-functioning services to their customers; the retention period of these cookies starts from the date on which they are enabled on the website until they are disabled. The user can accept and disable these cookies – at their convenience – using the cookie management tool.
  • Profiling (third-party) cookies, which allow us to customize advertising messages based on your interests and preferences, so that we only send you the adverts that you might find relevant or interesting. These cookies are not managed directly by us, but are installed throughout the Store by third-party companies who handle online profiling. The legal basis of the processing underlying the use of these cookies is the consent of the data subject; the retention period of these cookies starts from the date on which they are enabled on the site until they are disabled and, in any case, for no longer than 12 months. The user can accept and disable these cookies – at their convenience – using the cookie management tool. Specifically, the Store uses the ADABRA service, which is a Marketing Intelligence and Behavioural Targeting tool provided by Ad Spray S.r.l. Adabra uses tracer technology to monitor User behaviour. These Data are therefore used to customize the user experience and to provide targeted messages. Adabra could even connect the Data accumulated from other networks, including advertising networks, allowing these third parties to trace and address the User. We do not have a direct relationship with the third parties that Adabra may include and we kindly ask you to read the privacy policy of AD Spray S.r.l. on the following link   


The cookies currently used are




Google Analytics



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Lucky Orange

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Google Tag Manager

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In order to analyse how the Store’s site is used, we work with Google Analytics, a service of web analysis provided by Google Inc. (“Google”), which uses cookies that are left on your computer so that we can perform statistical analysis. The data collected are aggregated and do not enable you to be identified in any way. To consult the Google’s privacy notice related to the Google Analytics service, please visit the website, To read Google’s privacy policy, please visit the website You can disable Google Analytics cookies according to the procedure indicated by Google ( As such, if you continue to use the Store without disabling Google Analytics cookies, you consent to your data processing by Google, limited to the procedures and purposes outlined above.

How to disable technical cookies. It is possible to disable cookies through specific settings in your own browser. Some of the site’s functionalities may not work correctly is you refuse to use cookies.

Below you will find links explaining how to disable cookies on the most common browsers (for any other browser you may be using, we suggest that you search for this option in the software's help section, which you can normally access by pressing the F1 key):

Internet Explorer: Click on the Settings button, then on Internet Options. Click on the Privacy tab and, in the Settings, move the bar to the very top to block all the cookies.

Google Chrome: Click on the menu on the browser toolbar. Select Settings. Click on “Show advanced settings”. In the "Privacy” section, click on the Content Settings button. Select “Prevent sites from saving data”.

Mozilla Firefox: Click on the menu button and select Options. Select the Privacy tab. In the History settings: select “use personal settings”. To enable cookies, tick Accept cookies from websites, and to disable them remove such mark.

Safari: Click on the menu toolbar on “Safari”, then on “Preferences”. Next, click on “Privacy”, then on “Details” to select the website, and click “Remove”.

Alternatively, it is possible to disable only the Google Analytics cookies, by using the opt-out extension provided by Google for the main browsers 

  1. Where your data are processed – Transfer of data

The Data are processed and stored at the offices of Tristate International SAat Via Rime 38, 6850 Mendrisio (CH).

  1. With whom we share your data – recipients of personal data

Being understood that, where required by law, we will obtain your prior consent and complete any formalities required by said law, we may share your data with the following third parties (acting as external processors):

Our service providersWe may share your data with third parties in order for them to provide us with services (for instance, IT service providers for the management of the Store, couriers, and companies managing call centres and warehouses and providing logistics services) but in such cases, we will enter into an agreement with them pursuant to Article 28 of the GDPR in order to protect your data. These parties will only be in possession of the data required to perform their functions and shall only use it for the purpose of providing services on our behalf or complying with the law. You can find out the details of these processors pursuant to Article 28 of the GDPR by sending an email to In the event any of these providers operates outside the EU, before transferring any data to such providers we will secure compliance with the relevant conditions under art. 45-47 of GDPR.

Where we deem it necessary in order to comply with our legal obligations or to legally protect ourselves or third parties.Where permitted or required by the law, we may also share the data requested by an administrative authority or by another authorised third party or organisation, in order to protect or enforce our rights or those of third parties, or to limit or prevent fraud (including credit card fraud or other fraud, that we believe may have occurred during a raffle, promotion or event) and other offences.

  1. Minors

Our Store is not intended for minors under the age of 16, but rather for adults. If you are a parent or guardian and you believe your child may have sent us their personal data, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Security Measures

We adopt the security measures required by law.

We adopt security measures to protect your data. The standard security measures we use depend on the type of data that we process, and meet the requirements provided for by law and by the standards of European governmental agencies.

  1. Your rights

You can contact Tristate International SA to request the access to, the rectification or erasure of your personal data, or the restriction of the processing, or to object to the processing and to request the portability of your data; you can also withdraw your consent at any time (this shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent granted before its withdrawal).

When you exercise your right of access, you have the right to know whether your data is being processed, as well as the purpose of the processing, the categories of data being processed, the recipients or categories of recipients to whom your data have been disclosed (and, if they reside in a third country, the guarantees in place), the retention period for your data (or the criteria for determining the retention period), whether automated processing is being carried out (for instance through profiling), the reason for the processing, and the source of the data (when not initially collected by us).

You have the right to submit a complaint to the Italian Data Protection Authority and to request to the Data Controller, at any time, information about the processors and the parties that are authorised to process your data.

You can exercise your rights by contacting Tristate International SA (at the address mentioned above or by sending an email to:

In any case, you can amend or withdraw your consent through the Store's settings.

You can withdraw your consent to receive marketing communications including newsletters.  To stop receiving marketing communications, you can access your account and change your settings or follow the instructions in the promotional message that you’ve received. Alternatively, you can withdraw your consent by emailing one of the addresses mentioned above.

You can control and disable cookies and other profiling tools. To find out how we use cookies and other profiling tools, click here.

You can amend your preferences regarding marketing emails and data processing through profiling in the privacy settings of your account or by writing to one of the email addresses mentioned above.

  1. What happens if we amend this Policy

We may amend our privacy policy. We will notify you in relation toany such changes, in accordance with the law. We will also publish an updated version on our website. It will have a different date and version number to the ones shown below. Please visit the site periodically to check for updates.